R&D Supervisor

Recruiting Numbers


Job duties

1. Led the research group to engage in new product route design, process exploration and optimization, pilot scale up, analysis of condition selection and control.

2. Make project plans (synthesis plan, time plan, budget, etc.);

3. Independently completed the query of literature patent, design of synthetic route and solve the problems encountered in the project;

4. Carried out experiments according to the project plan, and completed experiment records and project reports according to the company's requirements;

5. Mainly engaged in research, process design, process optimization, factory docking and production guidance of series products;And can independently design and conduct multi-step organic synthesis reaction;

6. Good communication and learning ability, strong teamwork ability, and certain project management ability;

Job requirements

1. Master degree or above in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical engineering, applied chemistry, etc.;

2. Working background with a r&d team is required.Can lead 1-2 teams to carry out work;

3. Familiar with organic synthesis and drug research and development, more than 5 years of laboratory work experience, able to independently conduct multi-step organic synthesis reactions;

4. Self-motivated, responsible, team player, professional and innovative;

5. Ability to independently solve problems and respond to emergencies;

6. Familiar with process amplification is preferred.



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