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Job duties

1. Skillfully complete chemical reactions according to the literature, and make a comprehensive analysis of the results, and can complete projects with certain difficulties with assistance; 

2. Be able to have your own ideas on the synthetic route of compounds and make suggestions; 

3. Assist the project leader to formulate the project plan, strictly implement the project plan according to the arrangement of the project leader, record all kinds of work elements in time, communicate with the team leader in time in case of special circumstances, and update the plan after permission;

4. Solve some problems in the experiment, give feedback to the project leader in time for problems that cannot be solved, discuss and solve them in time; 

5. Complete the experimental records clearly and completely, and the experimental report is true, detailed and reliable. After the completion of the project, complete the drafting of the first draft of the project report.

Job requirements

1. Require a master's degree in organic chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry, and a bachelor's degree requires more than two years of working experience in organic synthesis; 

2. Have a solid theoretical knowledge of organic chemistry, be familiar with many organic reactions, and be skilled in experimental operation; 

3. Proficiency in reading professional English documents and analyzing nuclear magnetic maps; 

4. Have a sense of laboratory safety, and have a good team cooperation and innovative spirit;



Job application